Our waste management capabilities include the design, demonstration, installation, commissioning, and operation of waste management systems for the mixing, sampling, and pumping of radioactive waste, with a focus on maintenance-free systems that reduce costs while ensuring the safety of workers and eliminating project downtime. We also provide remote manipulator systems used for nuclear material handling, decontamination, and decommissioning.

NuVision Engineering has assisted with the cleanup of legacy waste in North America and the United Kingdom for more than 30 years. We have developed, designed, built, tested, and implemented waste management systems at key sites like Hanford, Oak Ridge, Savannah River, Idaho, Los Alamos, Fernald, West Valley, Mound, Sellafield and Dounreay. The combined experience and lessons learned from our numerous past projects allows us to build accurate and lean cost models and project schedules.

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Power Fluidics™

Power Fluidics™ systems use air to mobilize radioactive liquids, slurries, and sludges. No moving parts come in contact with the contaminated medium, eliminating maintenance costs, reducing dose to workers, and increasing system productivity.

Tank Waste Retrieval

Our RFD pumping systems are custom designed to meet specific requirements for the application, including vessel size, flow rate, and construction specifications.  We’ve delivered tank retrieval systems to handle liquids, slurries and suspended solids with flow rates from less than 1 gallon to more than 100 gallons/minute.


Our heavy-duty manipulators and control systems provide precision and reliability for hazardous environments and material handling applications. This includes hot cell decommissioning, volume reduction of facilities, and waste retrieval.

large testing tank

Large Scale Demonstration & Validation

The size of our North Carolina facility enables us to conduct full-scale instrumented mock-ups of installations so that the performance of systems can be evaluated under realistic conditions. We have conducted more than 100 large-scale demonstration test programs for US DOE and UK customers.

Advanced Waste Technologies

We deliver highly engineered waste management and processing systems to address a variety of custom needs and environments. Our capabilities include: analysis and modeling using proprietary software, research and testing, detailed design, component characterization, installation, and commissioning and operational support in the field.

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