• 1M Incident Free Hours

    Nuvision-Incident-FreeNuVision Engineering is proud to announce that we have reached the significant safety milestone of One Million workhours without a lost time incident (LTI). This achievement spans 12 years and highlights NuVision’s commitment to maintaining our outstanding Health Safety & Environment (HS&E) culture . NuVision reached this remarkable milestone in September 2022.

    Erich Keszler President & CEO for NuVision said, “It’s incredible for an organization such as ours that performs so many work activities at our customer sites and in our shops to have maintained the high level of health and safety required to prevent such incidents. Our project work across the US and around the globe makes it even more impressive when you think about the size of the teams that we have mobilized and the technology utilized to perform such projects at customer facilities, commercial nuclear power plants and government nuclear sites in the U.S. and worldwide. We have a great team of people. This is their accomplishment – every one of them. From the office staff to the field technicians. Everyone contributed to our success. To sustain that for 12 years is incredible and I am very proud of this team.”

    Michael A. Ross, Manager of Quality / HS&E of NuVision also commented, ”I echo Erich’s thoughts. This is truly a team achievement and reflects our commitment to Safety as a core value. It takes a daily commitment by every single person on the team to achieve a milestone like this. We’re working safely on our way to 2M work hours in the years to come!”


  • NuVision Engineering Garners Straight 10’s

    Following an independent external customer satisfaction survey of our major customers; NuVision Engineering received all 10’s when it came to the important question of would the customer “Do Business Again with NuVision”.  The good news on the these well-earned results did not end with that single survey question; NuVision customers scored us with a 9.5 total average rating out of 10.  NuVision Engineering strives continuously to provide each of our customers with a quality, on-time and on-budget project.  Our customers are telling us that NuVision Engineering is delivering.