We conduct large scale testing, demonstration, and validation at our facility in Mooresville, North Carolina. NuVision Engineering hosts comprehensive research and development in support of waste remediation system design, validation, demonstration, and acceptance testing of equipment prior to delivery. The 22,000 sq. ft. facility provides capabilities and infrastructure for simulant preparation and equipment assembly. We also do equipment testing for tank mixing, bulk waste/heel retrieval, tank decontamination, cementation/grouting development systems, robotic and remote applications. Our capabilities are supplemented by links with local laboratories to provide a full range of destructive and non-destructive testing and sample analysis services.

We have conducted over 100 large-scale demonstration projects in the US and UK, including waste retrieval and processing, decontamination, and decommissioning. These projects have been focused on both our own innovative technologies as well as those of third parties.

Previous Projects

  • Low Level Mixing in support of Enhanced Chemical Cleaning of SRS HLW Tanks
  • M3 Mixing Test Platform in support of mixing system development at the Waste Treatment Plant in Hanford, WA
  • Design/Build of 25% & 50% Scale Test Rigs to Optimize Mixer Performance at Sellafield
  • Demonstration of a mixing system for organic layer in pump tanks at Savannah River
  • Demonstration of a sludge mobilization system using a remote controlled articulating nozzle
  • Design and full scale testing of a pulse jet mixing system for waste and heel retrieval from single shell tanks at Hanford
  • Demonstration of a single system for bulk waste retrieval and grouting to aid tank closure
  • Demonstration of a tank waste retrieval system in the TA-50 tanks at Los Alamos
  • Demonstration of a remote-operated tank waste and debris retrieval and sampling system in tanks at Los Alamos
  • Mixing of sludge tanks using fluidic pulse tubes
  • Mixing of compacted sludge in horizontal storage tanks using fluidic pulse jets
  • Demonstration of sludge pumping using fluidic pumps
  • Demonstration of sludge mixing systems for tanks W22 and W23 at ORNL
  • Demonstration of the mixing of a cylindrical tank using a hybrid pulse jet mixer
  • Design, fabrication & deployment of a mixing system for one of the new capacity storage tanks
  • Demonstration of a system for in-situ tanks waste heel immobilization
  • Demonstration of a continuous flow power fluidic pumping system

This work has involved the use of a number of different types of simulants including:

  • Solids in the range of 0-40% by weight
  • Liquid SGs in the range of 0.8 -1.6
  • Particles sizes from sub micron to debris from tank operations such as mop heads and plastic bags.
  • Water,  Silicon carbide, Sand, Dicalite, Kieselguhr, Graphite, Ferric floc, Barium carbonate, Depleted Uranyl Nitrate, China clay and bentonite, Ion exchange resins
  • Medium Active Concentrate floc stimulant, Salt Evaporator Concentrate floc
  • Sodium nitrate solutions, Magnetite, Magnesium hydroxide spheres, Odorless Kerosene

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