NuVision Engineering develops, demonstrates, and deploys technology-based solutions that help extend the life and safe operation of power plants. We also validate new plant designs and analyze existing systems to predict and proactively manage potential problems. Our customers include plant owners, plant designers, and their original equipment manufacturers.

With a portfolio of proprietary technologies and decades of industry experience, our staff solves complex problems efficiently and reliably.

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Our patented Mechanical Stress Improvement Process prevention and permanent mitigation of stress corrosion cracking in PWR and BWR plants.

Blast head installed on pipe


Our dust-free decontamination process uses a sponge-abrasive medium to clean contaminated pipe-ends, components, and tools. This method is faster, safer, and more efficient than other options.

Engineering Expertise

NuVision Engineering can provide an experienced team of engineering professionals who will act as an extension to your staff. We use the latest analytical techniques and software technology to determine failure mechanisms, simulate design and operating conditions, and find creative solutions to your specific needs.

Reliable Experience

We’ve worked with power generators around the world, analyzing problems and providing bespoke solutions to improve safety and efficiency of energy production.

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