NuVision Engineering  has been designing, building, testing, demonstrating, and deploying waste management systems in the US for more than two decades. Given the inherent benefits of the technology, much of our work has taken advantage of Power Fluidic™ systems. We have also supplied engineered systems using remote crawlers, HydroLance retrieval systems, and other advanced technologies to complete waste remediation projects. NVE has a comprehensive engineering capability to develop, prove, and then implement the optimum solution for a waste management project.

Safety First

All of our projects utilize a “fail-safe” approach to design so that equipment or processes do not directly or indirectly lead to an unsafe condition in the case of any loss of service or other off-normal condition identified during the safety review stages. We design control systems which ensure operators can observe and monitor the progress of operations inside and outside the tank at all times, and we use remote camera systems to provide real time visibility of operations. Controls are designed to feed all appropriate signals from monitoring instrumentation to the operator control station, and alarm signals and emergency shutdown devices are provided and are readily visible, audible, and accessible as appropriate.

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