NuVision Engineering is the world leader in the use of Power Fluidics™ systems for nuclear waste management, including tank waste retrieval systems. These systems use air to pump radioactive sludges, slurries, and liquids and require no moving parts to come in contact with contaminated mediums.

Our tank waste retrieval systems are:

  • Robust and reliable
  • Able to handle liquids, slurries, and suspended solids (including debris)
  • Modular and compact equipment
  • Safe and efficient to meet ALARA
  • Based on proven technology
  • Cost effective

Additional benefits include:

  • Eliminated replacement costs of worn out components
  • Minimized routine maintenance and associated radiation exposure
  • Reduced secondary waste due to worn out components and maintenance work
  • Increased plant productivity due to reduced maintenance schedules.

How It Works

Power Fluidics™ systems operate cyclically through three phases: suction, drive, and vent.

Reverse Flow Diverters

Our tank waste retrieval systems utilize Reverse Flow Diverters (RFD), a custom machined tee-piece with two opposing nozzles (inlet and outlet nozzles) and an entertainment port.  The inlet nozzle is connected to the charge vessel and the outlet nozzle is connected to the delivery line.

RFD pumping systems are custom designed to meet specific requirements for the application.  For example; vessel size, flow rate, construction, etc.  To date, systems have been supplied to achieve flow rates from less than 1 gallon to more than 100 gallons/minute (though higher flow rates are possible).

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