The A1000S robot power manipulator handles heavy loads while offering 3-D simulation and custom programming.


  • Handling capacity: up to 200 kg
  • Arm length: 2.5 m
  • Degrees of freedom: 7
  • Available input devices: control console, radio control panel, JOYARM, virtual reality

Additional features include:

  • Position sensing
  • Precise linear movements with Cartesian control function
  • Teach and repeat function
  • 3-D simulation
  • Force feedback

The A1000S is virtually maintenance-free, has no external cabling, and is easy to decontaminate. Each joint has an external mechanical emergency drive, and the arm elements can be changed by remote control.

The operating arm mimics the natural motion pattern of the human hand, and the force reflex transmits a secure feel for the operation being carried out. Both right and left-handed people can comfortably operate the A100.

The operating arm and working arm can be exchanged individually and the working arm can be exchanged remotely, reducing maintenance cost and time.