We offer different input devices to ensure you have exactly the control you need.

Control console

  • Standard interface between manipulator and operator
  • Available in fixed cable with cable switches or joysticks or as wireless console
  • Continuous operation axis for axis
  • Displays malfunctions and limit switches
  • Fore limit can be set


  • Operator can switch between joystick and Masterarm operation
  • Force feedback
  • Arm rest to support operator
  • Teach and repeat method for repeated and automated processes


  • Eases mental and physical strain on operator
  • Force feedback
  • Intuitive movement and control
  • No programming required

Virtual reality:

  • Increased safety and precision
  • Regulates and responds to minimum distance
  • Automates paths for complex tasks
  • Control camera angle
  • Rotate around mid-point of tool