Qualification and Modified Design Reactor Pressure Vessel for New Gen Power Plants


Customer: Confidential

Site: US and China

NuVision Engineering Services, Inc (NVE) was responsible for the qualification and modified design of the Reactor Vessel for use in the new generation power plant design. The design was in accordance with ASME Section III criteria.


The Analytical Models were developed including vessel shell inlet/outlet nozzles, closure head including CRDM penetrations. Internal components included thimble guide tubes, secondary core support structure, etc. The vessel and internals loading consisted of the following:

  • Design & Normal Operating Loads
  • Thermal/Pressure Transient Loads, including environmental and flow conditions
  • Seismic and LOCA Loads
  • Flow induced Vibration loading, etc

The individual component load combinations and stress evaluations were based on the specific ASME III requirements. The analyses include developing complex parametric Finite Element Models. At the completion of these analyses, NVE could confirm that the components were in compliance with all specifications and requirements.


1. Primary Stress Evaluations
2. Primary plus Secondary Stress Evaluations
3. Cyclic Fatigue including Simplified Elastic-Plastic Evaluations
4. Thermal Stress Ratcheting Evaluations
5. Plastic Shakedown Evaluations
6. Vortex Shedding Evaluations