Qualification and Modified Design Genesis Solar Plant Tanks


Customer: Confidential

Site: Solar Plant (California)

NuVision Engineering Services, Inc (NVE) was responsible for the qualification and modified design of the Ullage, Drain and Reclamation Flash tanks to show that they are structurally suitable for their intended use. The design of the tanks exceeded the manufactures capabilities due to elevated design conditions and the additional design requirement of API 579 Fitness for Service in addition to ASME Section VIII.


The Analytical Models were developed including internal piping, nozzles, and support structures. Due to the elevated temperature condition (700°F) thermal transient, fatigue, and creep analyses were necessary to meet the design requirement for the life of the tanks. The tank loading consisted of the following:

  • Design & Normal Operating Loads
  • Thermal Loads, including environmental conditions
  • Seismic Loads

The individual component load combinations and stress evaluations were based on the specific ASME VIII/API 579 Code requirements. At the completion of this analysis, NVE was able to confirm that tanks with proposed modifications were in compliance with all specifications and requirements.

Design and Analysis

1. Conventional Loading Evaluation
2. Vessel Support Evaluation
3. Buckling Results
4. Cyclic and Fatigue Results
5. Creep analyses
6. Embedded reaction loads