Qualification and Modified Design: WTP Vessels


Customer: Confidential

Site: Waste Treatment Plant (Hanford, Washington)

NuVision Engineering (NVE) was responsible for the qualification and modified design of the WTP vessels to show that they are structurally suitable for their intended use on the WTP Project, and to provide interfacing structural information necessary for other disciplines to design or confirm designs of equipment that interfaces with this vessel. Below is an itemized list of the primary objectives and deliverables of the qualification.


The Analytical Model contained several internal components, including pulse jet mixers (PJMs), charge vessels (CVs), thermal probes, a wash ring, and several dip pipes. The vessel loading consisted of the following:

  • Design & Normal Operating Loads
  • Overblow & Hydrodynamic Loads
  • Thermal Loads, including environmental conditions
  • Seismic Loads (full and empty configurations)

The individual component load combinations and stress evaluations were based on the specific ASME and AISC Code requirements. At the completion of this analysis, NuVision was able to confirm to WTP that tanks with proposed modifications were in compliance with all WTP specifications and requirements.

Design and Analysis

1. Conventional Loading Evaluation
2. Vessel Support Evaluation
3. Buckling Results
4. Cyclic and Fatigue Results
5. Internal Piping and Pipe Supports
6. Embedded reaction loads
7. Nozzle stiffness’s and displacement
8. Defined the necessary design modifications required to satisfy the requirements